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Who is Flavor Lab?   by Flavor Laboratories Inc

Who is Flavor Lab?  Flavor Lab is an acronym for Flavor Laboratories.  Up until 2018 when customers googled "Flavor Labs" or "Flavor Lab" it would say "Do you mean Flavor Laboratories?" and redirect to our website.  Some resellers (who are NOT manufacturers) and rather new to our market are trying to confuse our customer search.  Why? Our flavor is the best on the planet and we use VERY expensive materials at Flavor Labs so please do not be confused when searching for our quality products. 

We make flavor for almost anything you can think of but recently entered the medical marijuana market as we also compound flavor for licensed dispensaries.  Our flavor is usually the reason our customers products become bestsellers in just about any market we enter.  We even have a satisfaction guarantee on our flavors in small sizes - which no one else will dare offer.  "Flavor Labs" is to "Flavor Laboratories" like "McLovin" is to "McDonalds."  Example, we do not see Burger King's slogan as "McLovin it!"  We do own the common law copyright of our acronym and trademark for use in commerce and have for over a decade.  Our products are so high quality competitors (with nothing to loose) are doing just about anything to keyword our trade words for search engine optimization even if the words are used in separate sentences.  Maybe it should be a compliment but when what they sell is downright gross or just diluted as far as possible it can harm our brand when a customer is confused over who they purchased flavor from.

Flavor Lab Production: Click Here to Read How Flavor is Made

The Dichotomy of Flavor

Probably the biggest surprise I had as a flavorist was discovering that every flavor shares DNA from another flavor or flavors.  For example, strawberry and pineapple share some of the same molecular makeup, and pear will have some of the same chemicals and DNA makeup as pineapple. Yet a pear may share nothing with apple, and a strawberry looks nothing like a pineapple. So regarding any botanical life, such as strawberries or pineapples, you cannot judge a book by its cover.  You have to "taste" the book first! But this also explains why flavor is so subjective. 

Photos of Deborah Dolen Senior Flavorist.  Flavor Laboratories, Inc creates flavor formulas and ships over 60% of its products to other countries.  Primary countries are France, Dubai, United Kingdom, Singapore and South Korea to name a few.